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  1. Change Weapon Speeds REQUIRES DHOOKS EXTENSION (Download) Plugin requested by ASKER_CZ (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301370) Description Allows you to change the speed of each individual weapon in a config ConVars changeweaponspeeds_warmup_only - 0 - Only change speeds on warmup Installation Quote: plugins/changeweaponspeeds.smx goes in csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins gamedata/changeweaponspeeds.games.txt goes in csgo/addons/sourcemod/gamedata configs/weaponspeeds.ini goes in csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs Extra "Why would I use this plugin instead of changing items_game.txt" Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Rachnus (Post 2549640) I didnt publish it on alliedmods cuz I realized a minute after I finished the plugin that you can just change your speed by editing scripts/items_game.txt lol Quote: Originally Posted by sneaK (Post 2549712) Trouble with this, is that every update that messes with weapons, a new case is added, etc. this gets overwritten, and Valve has been doing this a lot lately :( DOWNLOAD Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. [Plugin]Trails_Projectile

    Random Trails Projectile || 2 Вида трейлов для "Бросков" Random Trails || Случайный Эффект (Laserbeam || Glow) Grenade Trails (Fredd) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=594091 PHP Code: Pipe Color || Firebrick1 Molotov Color || Yellow Vomite Color || LimeGreen Grenade Color || Purple Tankrock Color || Magenta PHP Code: pipe bomb projectile || полёт бомбы molotov projectile || полёт молотова grenade launcher projectile || полёт гранаты vomitjar projectile || полёт банки с желчью tank_rock || полёт камня Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Trails_Projectile.sp - 4.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. [Plugin][TF2] Jailbreak - Report System

    [TF2] Jailbreak - Report System Description: Players can type !sm_jailr to report the guards or warden. ScreenShots: Commands: sm_jailr sm_jailreport 9kill ------------Set on Cvar "sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_chattrigger" ConVars: sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_version sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_enable 1 -Enable [TF2] Jailbreak - Report System sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_chattrigger "9kill" -Chat Trigger for sm_jailr sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_votedelay 1.0 -Vote Delay in sec sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_voteholdtime 20.0 -Vote Hold Time sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_voteburn 40.0 -Vote Burn pass percentage sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_voteslay 50.0 -Vote Slay pass percentage sm_tf2jail_reportsystem_votekick 60.0 -Vote Kick pass percentage Credits: shanapu :) -I copied the menu format Drixevel :) -The tf2jail plugin Required Plugins: [TF2] TF2Jail (Jailbreak for TF2) Download: SOURCE CODE | DIRECT DOWNLOAD Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. [Plugin][CS:GO] Explode Dropped Grenades

    Explode Dropped Grenades A plugin requested by FR0NTLINE. All it does is explode dropped grenades when they are damaged. ConVars Quote: dropped_grenade_damage - 80 - Amount of damage the dropped grenade should deal dropped_grenade_radius - 350 - Amount of radius the dropped grenade should have Extra Might work for CS:S, not tested Github Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (explodedroppedgrenades.sp - 2.5 KB) explodedroppedgrenades.smx (5.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. Hell guys, I code this plugin for nmrih because somebody like to play Unofficial mod. [Description] You can vote for change the difficulty and mod or the other configs, for example: Enable the zombies to run all or kids all...... [Commands] sm_dif: open the menu; sm_difshow: show your curren info of the mod. [Language] English and sChinese or the other by yourself to edit the file of the path is translations/nmrih.diffmoder.phrases.txt [Link] Email:firstwhj@qq.com QQ:673542016 [Tip] Sorry for my engllish... Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (c_nmrih_diffmoder.sp - 26.0 KB) nmrih_difficultmoder.zip (24.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. PARTICLE SPAWNER v1.0 Description Spawn particles around the map that are defined in a configuration file. (Custom and stock particles) Commands Quote: sm_getposition - BAN_FLAG - Prints out the position of yourself sm_getaimposition - BAN_FLAG - Prints out the position of your aim position sm_getpos - BAN_FLAG - Prints out the position of yourself sm_getaimpos - BAN_FLAG - Prints out the position of your aim position sm_getaimentity - BAN_FLAG - Prints out details about the entity you're aiming at sm_editparticles - ROOT_FLAG - Particle editor menu sm_particleeditor - ROOT_FLAG - Particle editor menu sm_saveparticles - ROOT_FLAG - Save all particle changes done in the particle editor sm_revertparticles - ROOT_FLAG - Revert all changes done in the particle editor sm_revertchanges - ROOT_FLAG - Revert all changes done in the particle editor sm_changename - ROOT_FLAG - Change the name of a particle sm_changeeffect - ROOT_FLAG - Change the effect of a particle sm_changeffect - ROOT_FLAG - Change the effect of a particle Preview Configs addons/sourcemod/configs/particlespawner/particle_spawns.cfg PHP Code: // This example below will spawn a particle effect (env_embers_large) at 0.0 0.0 0.0 // on map de_dust2 // // EXAMPLE: // // "Particles" // { // "de_dust2" // { // "particle1" // { // "effect" "env_embers_large" // "pos" "0.0 0.0 0.0" // } // } // } "Particles" { } Installation/Setup Quote: Installation configs/particlespawner/particle_spawns.cfg goes into addons/sourcemod/configs/particlespawner/ configs/particlespawner/particles.cfg goes into addons/sourcemod/configs/particlespawner/ plugins/particlespawner.smx goes into addons/sourcemod/plugins Setup 1. If you're using custom particles, add the path to the particle file (particle.pcf) inside of particles.ini. More instructions are inside the file (And there is an example file aswell) 2. Add your particle spawn positions in particle_spawns.cfg. More instructions are inside the file 3. Launch your server and tweak the position with command sm_particleeditor. Do not forget to save your progress either through the particle editor menu or through command sm_saveparticles Credits Me Bugs When you first download a custom particle effect, you cannot see it unless you rejoin :( If anyone has a solution for this other than forcing a player to reconnect first time he joins, please do tell Extra All CS:GO particles as of 3/7/2016 can be found here DOWNLOAD Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. [Plugin][NMRiH] Skins 1.0.0 [2017/09/16]

    Name: Skins Description: Skins menu with 3rd person view for NMRiH. Based on the code of the plugin "SM Skinchooser HL2DM" v2.3 by Andi67. Installation: Place compiled plugin (nmrih_skins.smx) into the plugins folder (../addons/sourcemod/plugins/). Unpack files from archive [NMRiH] Skins (config files).zip to the folder ../nmrih/addons, after which you need to configure these files. Supported flags (skins_menu.ini): "" - Public "a" - Reservation Admin ... "t" - Custom6 Admin "z" - Root Admin CVars: nmrih_skins_version - Version of this plugin sm_skins_enable - Enables/disables plugin sm_skins_admingroup - Enable/Disable the possebility to use the Groupsystem sm_skins_adminonly - Enable/Disable deny of access to the menu except for admins sm_skins_spawntimer - Enable/Disable a timer that changes the model a second after the event 'player_spawn' sm_skins_forceskin - Players get a model regardless of whether they chose the model or not Comands: sm_model sm_models sm_skin sm_skins Attached Files [NMRiH] Skins (config files).zip (6.1 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (nmrih_skins 1.0.0.sp - 14.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. This plugin start SM mapchooser map vote when CSGO event round_announce_match_point happens (match point). This happen when mp_match_can_clinch 1 and there are chance that when winning team win round next time, map ends. So, depends mapchooser settings and csgo gameplay settings, it maybe can't start vote too earlier. Free to try This plugin require SM mapchooser to work. This plugin not start mapchooser vote when one of these cvars have wrong value. You get chat announce of this and SM log: Code: mp_match_end_restart 1 // same map reset without changelevel mp_match_end_changelevel 0 // when csgo game nextmap is same as current map, it reset game without changelevel Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (csgo_match_point_mapchooser.sp - 1.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. [Plugin][NMRiH] Simple respawn the players

    Hello every gays!:grrr: This is a simple plug-in for that will be enable respawn players by admin. [Admin Commands] 1. sm_rspall: NMRiH respawn player of all; 2.sm_rspallaim: NMRiH respawn player of all to your aim posion. [Link] Email:firstwhj@qq.com QQ:673542016 [Tip] Sorry for my english.... Attached Files c_nmrih_respawn.smx (6.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (c_nmrih_respawn.sp - 3.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. [Plugin][L4D] Team Restarts Server

    Hi all. If you have not rebooted the server and appear lag, the admin with the flag ADMFLAG_GENERIC can restart the command server. His nickname will be written to the server log. Team: !rst !restart Warning the server will consider the reset as a crash log. Attached Files l4d_team restarts server.smx (4.8 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_team restarts server.sp - 1.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. [Plugin][ANY] Distance Checker

    Another useless plugin I was looking for but couldn't find. Simply lets user choose two points and prints stats about distance between them. e.g. output Code: [SM] Select first point by clicking +use ... [SM] Select second point by pressing +use ... [SM] Δ Height: 77.31 | Distance: 182.32 | 2D Dist: 165.11 Command is sm_getdist Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (getdist.sp - 3.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. [Plugin]Hud Writer Recoded

    Hud Write LIST OF COMMANDS !hwrite <TEXT> !hw <TEXT> CVARS jozkah_hud_red; jozkah_hud_green; jozkah_hud_blue; jozkah_hud_xpos; jozkah_hud_ypos; jozkah_hud_time; jozkah_hud_fadein; jozkah_hud_fadeout; Changelog of the plugin: MithatGuner Version V1.1 - Added color change cvars --------------------------------------------- V1.2 - Added position change cvar Added @r @g @b commands -------------------------------------------- V1.3 - Changed to new syntax Added more colors @w @y @bl // White, Yellow, Black colors MY VERSION --------------------------------------------- V1.4 - More Colores added (Purpe, Pink, Orange) --------------------------------------------- V1.5 - Changed @r @g @bl @p to @red @green @black @purple (On every single color) --------------------------------------------- V1.6 - Added message time(hud_time) --------------------------------------------- V1.7 - Added the FadeIn/Out Effects --------------------------------------------- Credits go for MitHat Guner for the " base " of the plugin , i did just resumed his job , and updated to plugin :) Attached Files Jozkah HudWrite.zip (7.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. [Plugin][CS:GO] scoreboard country tag

    version 1.0 Attached Files country_tag.smx (12.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. Hello everyone, sorry about there being no description of what the mod inculdes but i will get round to writing a description for all the feature as there are many. The reason why i've but "ANY?" is because i will eventually port the mod over to css & csgo . i would also like to add that this plugin is still under construction so there may be bugs. Advised not to use the car system yet as it is buggy atm but im working to fix this. GibHub Link https://github.com/Master6323/MasterRP Attached Files MasterRP - Part 2.zip (8.59 MB) MasterRP - Part 1.zip (872.4 KB) MasterRP - Part 3.zip (2.46 MB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  15. [Plugin][TF2] Jailbreak - Laser

    Description: This Plugin code mainly from [CSGO]MyJailbreak by shanapu ~A Plugin for [TF2]Jail , Jail Laser Plugin, Generate a laser! ~Idea mainly from [CSGO]MyJailbreak Feature: Warden can press "mouse3" to generate a laser to guide prisoners. Required Plugin: [TF2]Jail Screenshot: Function 99% same in CSGO Change log: Spoiler v1.0 ~First release Thank you: Thanks shanapu:) ~Made the Original Plugin Install: 1. Click "TF2Jail_Laser.smx" and move TF2Jail_Laser.smx to ./plugins/ folder. 2. Edit wardenmenu.cfg in "\tf\addons\sourcemod\configs\tf2jail\wardenm enu.cfg" Quote: "WardenMenu" { "sm_open" "Open Cells" "sm_close" "Close Cells" "sm_wff" "Request Friendly Fire" "sm_wcc" "Request Collisions" "sm_laser" "Laser menu" //<- add this } Attached Files TF2Jail_Laser.smx (10.8 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (TF2Jail_Laser.sp - 11.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł